What is a Landscape Designer?

Author Ken Zmijewski, Posted March 11, 2013

A landscape designer creates beautiful outdoor areas for businesses, schools, various venues and homes, along with working at plant nurseries or large companies. The designer will typically meet with the person who either owns the property or is in charge of the landscaping of it to see what is wanted before proceeding to create the ideal design for the property.
Draws Out Plan
Once the designer understand what his client is looking for, he makes a drawing of the area, and where he thinks certain plantings and other things should be placed. Many designers do this on the computer today. Most outdoor designs involve much more than just placing a few plants around strategically. The plans include flowers, trees, shrubs, edging plants plus walkways, water features, and various structures. The right landscape design can transform a shabby area into a work of art!
Why Use a Designer for Landscaping?
You may wonder why you need a professional to layout where plants and other items outdoors? What a designer offers you is far more than just the layout of where certain things go in your outdoor area. They offer expertise in which plants grow best in your location as well as the color and placement of them. You also get expert guidance in which plants should be used for your property to make it have the ideal appearance.
How to Choose a Designer for Your Needs
A professional in landscape design should have the proper horticultural training for you to hire him. This provides him a varied knowledge of plants and in what conditions they thrive. Without this knowledge, the wrong plants could be planted in soil conditions not conducive to their ideal growth. Ask him about his training and his experience as well in his area of expertise.
Make sure he is properly licensed and insured. Most people in business need some type of business license to operate legally. Insurance should be carried to protect any workmen on the job doing your outdoor project, and protects you in case any of your property is accidentally damaged.
In addition, ask for references, so that you can question them on if they are satisfied with the work they received from the designer. This is one of the best ways to know that you will get quality work for your money spent. Along with references, a guarantee should be given in case you have any issues once everything is put in place in the design.

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