The benefits of trees in your Birmingham, MI Landscaping

Author Ken Zmijewski, Posted December 21, 2012

Trees are some of the most important plants that exist, as they play a huge role in the ecosystem of any place where they are planted. If you are looking into a new garden design or landscape design for your backyard, it’s important that you consider trees. The truth is that trees will help to make your design complete, and here are a few reasons why trees are so essential for the design of your garden landscape:
Trees keep the soil solid – If you have a landscape design, you will no doubt want the ground to stay the way it is. When the soil is very loose, a heavy rain can wash it away – and thereby ruin your beautifully landscaped yard. However, thanks to the fact that trees extend their roots both downward and outward, the soil will actually be more securely anchored by the tree. It will reduce the risk of the topsoil being washed away, thus leaving your garden design intact.
Trees help to provide shade – If the sun hits your grass all day long, you will find that your grass will die fairly quickly – particularly if you live in parts of the country that are very dry and hot. You will find that a bit of shade won’t just be good for you, but it will help to keep your plants and grass growing safely out of the heat of the sun. If your landscaping design includes delicate plants that wouldn’t thrive in the hot sun all day long, trees will ensure that the plants live longer.
Trees will mark boundaries – For those who are breaking their garden design up into a number of different sections, you will find that trees will provide a very good boundary marker. A row of small trees can help to provide the boundaries for a certain section of your garden, and a tree can help to define the edge of a property line.
Trees serve as a focal point — They will naturally draw the eye, and they will be an excellent point of focus for those that want to highlight a certain element of the garden’s layout or landscape. You will find that the height of the trees will help to lift the attention upwards, and you can use different trees to determine the feel of the garden landscape.
Trees can serve as habitats – For those who love wildlife and the creatures of their city, using a tree in your landscape design can be a very good way to promote natural life. You will find that trees will serve as habitats for birds and small animals alike, and many animals will only live in places that have some tree life. If you want to attract animals to your backyard, planting trees is the way to go.
Trees will help to improve the soil – If you are going to be planting flowers, bushes, and plants, having a tree nearby can actually make gardening easier. The leaves and branches that fall from the tree can act as mulch, which will protect the plants from the cold and heat. The leaves that fall onto your garden will actually be absorbed into the ground, where the nitrogen will provide nourishment for the plants.
As you can see, trees are very beneficial to the landscape of your garden, so you would do well to use them whenever and wherever possible.

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