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Whether you're looking to create a relaxing outdoor escape at home, or you want to reinforce an image of perfection and detail with your clients and staff, Landscape Gardens is known for creating outdoor spaces others will envy and admire! In the past 30 years, we’ve worked with many homeowners and businesses to help them achieve the type of outside environment that suits both their practical needs and artistic desire for a functional, but beautiful landscape.

Landscape Design West Bloomfield MI - Landscaping Installation  - residential3Residential Landscape Design & Installation

We know that, as a home or business owner, you take great pride in your landscape and want it to look as attractive and well-maintained as possible. The best way to attain this is with well-planned landscape design.

Every residential property has unique challenges and circumstances, and a properly planned landscape or renovation can provide solutions for all of your outdoor problems. Landscape Gardens is committed to transforming your yard into an outdoor setting that you will take pride in owning and enjoying.

Landscape Design West Bloomfield MI - Landscaping Installation  - landscape-design-and-installationLandscape Gardens employ highly trained and experienced landscape architects to carefully consider the layout of your property and create a stunning, functional, and practical design.

We combine textures, colors, shapes, and materials in order to cohesively tie together all of the elements of your property to create the ideal outdoor setting that is both enjoyable and significantly adds value to your home and its surroundings.

We can handle even the most extensive and challenging projects with ease. With Landscape Gardens in charge, you can relax and watch your property come to life as it is transformed into the yard of your dreams. We will manage the entire process for you: from design to implementation and completion. Our standards for workmanship are incomparably high, and we will use only the finest materials on your project. Let us enhance the aesthetic qualities of your property while you focus on enjoying your free time.

Landscape Design West Bloomfield MI - Landscaping Installation  - iStock_000014054149_SmallCommercial Landscape Design & Installation

The first thing your customers will see is the landscape surrounding your business. Poorly planned and maintained landscaping can be a reflection of your business. Drainage issues, erosion problems, or overgrown landscaping can be a safety issue. If you want your business to make the best first impression it can, professionally designed landscaping is your best option.

We're Your Partner in Ongoing Landscape Maintenance

All landscapes need regular care and attention in order to thrive and maintain their beauty. That's why we offer landscape maintenance and estate management contracts that ensure that your property stays healthy and beautiful. A well-maintained landscape is an ongoing investment in your personal happiness, as well as the value of your home.

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