3 Ideas For A Relaxing Back Yard

Author Ken Zmijewski, Posted February 12, 2013

When you want to create a relaxing backyard retreat, you will need more than just landscaping plans to work with. Creating a truly relaxing back yard requires rearranging the entire backyard landscape design. From what’s planted in your yard to what you put in it, the keys to a relaxing backyard getaway are simple to understand. Here are three of the main rules for your backyard transformation.
Idea 1 – Enclose Your Yard
If you want your yard to become your own personal sanctuary, you first need to close it off from the world you’re trying to escape. This means more than simply fencing off your back yard. Instead, you need to create a sense of true privacy with your fencing. This fencing should be tall enough that they are above your head and partially block your view to the neighborhood, while being substantial enough to offer a secure sensation to someone in your back yard.
You don’t necessarily need to block out all of the neighborhood with total privacy fencing, but something more substantial than diamond shaped wire is called for. As this fencing will form the barrier between your relaxing landscape and the world beyond, it should be painted a color that blends with the rest of your backyard design. You may paint your fencing a different color on the inside than the neighbors will see on the outside, but should be uniform on either side to avoid interfering with your landscaping design.
Idea 2 – Naturalize Your Spaces
A well-designed backyard will offer multiple locations for relaxing or entertaining, each with a different purpose. You should decorate in a manner that encompasses the entire landscaping available in your back yard, rather than making the different sections feel like separate locations. Use landscape design elements such as fountains and fire pits to create focal points for each of these areas.
All of your backyard furniture should strive to be neutral tones that blend in with the design of the yard. From the bricks and natural stones that you use to create pathways to the coloration of umbrellas and awnings, no element should draw attention to itself unnecessarily. You want to avoid bright colors that wouldn’t occur in nature, as these tend to stick out in your landscaping.

Idea 3 – Plot Your Colors
When your design plans have fallen into place, it’s time to add plant life to your backyard to complete the overall picture that you’re striving for. When selecting your flowers, choose ones with similarly colored blooms to create a sense of unity throughout your landscape design. Whether you go with a soft purple or a vibrant pink, featuring a variety of different plants of this color in your garden beds will bring the areas of your backyard together into a single, relaxing getaway.
By keeping these three simple tips in mind when you are planning your landscape design, you will be able to encompass your entire back yard into the same picture. Future additions to your backyard paradise should keep these three simple rules in mind. When you take care to keep the rest of the world out and to not draw attention to any one particular area of your back yard, your landscaping will become enjoyable from any point within your carefully created realm of peace.

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