Adding Color To Your Landscape Will Improve Your Mood

Author Ken Zmijewski, Posted February 5, 2013

Scholarly research has long commented on the association between the colors that we see and the moods that we experience. Research into the mood altering effects of color has shown multiple times that the colors we surround ourselves with can change the way that we’re feeling. Even an act as simple as changing into a different colored shirt can alter the way our moods will behave throughout the day. When color is added to your landscape design, it can create a change that will carry your moods through the day and rescue your mood from the gutter after a difficult, stress-filled day.
Having a dull and lifeless yard, filled with overgrown grass that’s turning a sickly yellow, patches of brown dirt and emotionless gray cement can change your mood as well.
This depressing sight is what many Americans face when they stare out the window to their yards, resulting in foul dispositions that carry through the workday and in turn affect the moods of others. Landscaping gives you the power to change the world around you, which will in turn change the way that you see the world. Landscape design centers around making your world more enjoyable by filling it with pleasing colors and relaxing surroundings.
Adding the color that landscaping offers to your yard will change your mood after a long, stressful day at work.
The natural colors of the landscape design in your yard will surround your senses, working in harmony to calm your mind and help you think straight, despite what stresses attempted to follow you home from work. Your landscaper will fill your yard with the tranquility of natural browns and greens in lush patterns, offering you the chance to feel close to nature and away from the stresses of the rest of the world.
To create your own personal touch in the landscape plans, talk with your landscaper about the feeling that you want your yard to create in yourself and your guests. For a calming sensation, purples and blues will be added to your yard. This dash of color will combine with the pure green and rich browns to turn your yard into your own personal zen retreat. To instead create an atmosphere of excitement and energy, pinks and reds will be the blooms of choice to fill your landscaping needs.
If you are hoping for a yard that makes you feel like being social, and will fill your guests with an appetite, oranges and deep reds are the shades that you want your landscape design to focus on. The natural colors that make up the landscaping base will keep these normally bright colors from being overbearing. The careful balance between color and nature will create a gentle undercurrent of the emotion that your landscape design has planned for, rather than overwhelming guests.
When you are designing your landscape is the time when the decisions about color should be made.
By sticking to a single color scheme in your yard, you will find that the expertly placed splashes of color among the natural greens and browns of the landscape design will enhance your mood even when you gaze at it from a window inside the home. Your color choices will turn your yard into a welcoming party zone or a personal retreat from the world, so pick your colors and your future mood wisely when you are landscaping your yard.

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